Name: Myria

Languages I Speak: Cantonese Chinese, English, a little Indonesian, learning Mandarin Chinese and French

Languages I Program: Processing, Java, JavaScript

Musical Instruments: Harp, a little clarinet

Sports: Basketball, Tennis, Fencing

Clubs and Organizations: Basketball, Tennis, and Fencing

Skills: Good leader, organized, responsible

Leadership Experience: Chair of several school projects, e.c. Water Project

Volunteer Experience: Villa Esperanza: Played with mentally disabled kids, Jackson Elementary: taught unfortunate kids to read, Five Acres: donated five bags of everyday items to the residential kids, Holy Family Giving Bank: helped give food to the poor

Hobbies and Interests: Harp, Fencing, Basketball, Computer Programming

Jobs and Skills: Programming, Web Design, Journalism

What camps I have attended: Fencing Camp 2012, EPGY Stanford 2013



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