Game Review #6: Sandtest

Sandtest is a sandbox game. You use the elements the game gives you to make a pool or garden. Overall, this game does not have an objective but you can create whatever you like in it. If you like Minecraft, I suggest you play this game. The graphics are not as good as Minecraft, but the little dots and movements make it colorful and interesting.

Here is the link to play Sandtest:



The Playing Field

On Friday, we broke up into teams and did an exercise with combination locks. My team had to determine the code because it was in Binary. It took us three tries to get the lock open. We had an invalid number and could not crack that number until the end. This was meaningful because it showed how easy some people opened it while it took a lot more time for others. I think it meant to show the different speeds a computer can compute and sort depending on the type of code. I can relate to this experience because I can do math really fast while a lot of my classmates don’t understand and are very slow.


Algorithms and Objects

What is the difference between float and int?

Floats are decimals but integers are only whole numbers, but they both have negative and positive numbers.

What are three sorting algorithms and how are they different?

Three sorting Algorithms are Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, and Selection Sort. The Insertion Sort is faster, Bubble Sort is the slowest, and Selection is in between. Bubble Sort sorts each number in order and goes through the line as many times as it needs to finish the sort. It compares the different numbers and puts them in the right place. Selection Sort has two loops. It holds on to the smallest value and then keeps searching for the minimum value. Finally, it swaps the values and continues doing it for the rest of the values. Insertion Sort does not have as many lines and sorts the numbers in stacks. It has two loops and usually goes through the line twice.

What is the difference between an operator and an operand?

An operator is the actual action that needs to be taken when trying to solve something. The operand is the number/ numbers that are given that operator to solve.

What do I find in the console window in Eclipse?

The console window in Eclipse has the output of the program you are using.

What is the difference between an IDE and a text editor?

An IDE helps to develop software and a text editor is used to edit plain texts. and

What is AI?

AI is Artificial Intelligence. It is used mainly in video games to make the game.

What do I find most confusing right now?

The most confusing thing now is the different Algorithms and trying to remember each concept. Also, trying to use Eclipse fully is very complicated.


Data Types and Data Structures

What is the difference between a Data Type and a Data Structure?

The difference between a Data Structure and Data Type is that a Data Structure helps to store and organize data in computers. A Data Type names each piece of data. and

What is an Array (

An Array is a group of places to store data. Each storage location holds the same data.

What is MySQL (

MySQL is a database to help organize information.

How does Bubble Sort work? (

A Bubble Sort helps to make a comparison of different elements. First, two elements are compared. Then they are switched if they are not in the correct place. This process repeats until all the elements are in the right order.

What is an Algorithm?

An Algorithm is a type of procedure to compute calculations.

How does a person convert from Binary to Decimal? You must show how you would convert 101101 in Binary to Decimal.

This is very hard to explain so I will quote a piece from Wikihow. You convert Binary to Decimal like this. “For this example, let’s convert the binary number 10011011 to decimal. Write first the binary number below the list. Draw lines, starting from the right, connecting each consecutive digit of the binary number to the power of two that is next in the list above it.  If the digit is a 1, write its corresponding power of two below the line, under the digit. If the digit is a 0, write a 0 below the line, under the digit. Add the numbers written below the line.” To convert 101101 in Binary to Decimal you would list the powers of two starting from the left until the last number on the right. That would be 32, 16, 8, 4, 2,1. Then, write the binary number under each power of two. Connect them to each other with a line and add the numbers 32, 0, 8, 4, 0, and 1. So, the Decimal version of the Binary number 101101 is 45.

What is Object Oriented Programming?

Object Oriented Programming is a computer program that uses objects that have data. OOP helps create apps and computer programs.


Game Review #4: 40x Escape

This game is called 40x Escape. The objective is to get the door open so you can escape. Some levels have clues on the wall and you have to get the letters “ESCAPE” above the door the same color. If you like solving mysteries and trying different combinations then you will surely love this game. There are forty levels for you to solve and they will be full of fun.

Play this game now at:

40x Escape #1  40x Escape #2

Programming Fundamentals

What is the difference between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi?

The Arduino is a Microcontroller and does not function as a whole computer. The Raspberry Pi is a Microprocessor and is a mini computer. Also, the Arduino is smaller than the Raspberry Pi.

What is a function and what is a parameter? Give an example from one of your projects and identify what part is the function name and what parts are the parameters.

A function is an action that helps create the shape you need. A parameter is the coordinates and size of that shape. E.c:

arc(90, 60, 80, 80, 0, HALF_PI);. The arc is the function and the numbers inside the parentheses are the parameters.

What is the difference among: int, float, bool, and char. What do each of them mean?

Int stands for integer, float is a type of object, bool stands for boolean, or binary, and char stands for character. An integer is a number that is whole. Float is just like an integer, but includes decimals. Boolean is a data type that identifies true or false, and character is a place to store all characters and symbols. Each of these has a different value. Some have more bytes while others have only one.

What is the difference between ”=” and ”==”?

The single equal sign, “=,” stands for the outcome. The double equal sign, “==,” stands for a comparison, also known as yes or no, between a variable and integer.

Why do we use variables in programming?

We use variables in programming because we can easily interchange numbers in place of the variable.

Why do we use loops in programming?

We use loops in programming to repeat certain actions.

How We Talk to Computers

This is a diagram of how we talk to computers. We program in a high level language. These words and numbers goes through the Compiler, or a machine that converts programming language into computer language, and through the Assembly to the Assembler. The Assembler converts Assembly code into machine code so the computer can compute. Finally, the language goes to the Microcontroller or Microprocessor to show the action on the screen.

During my Computer Programming class, I have learned many things. For example, I learned to solve equations to find the x integer. I also learned many terms, like function and Assembler. I learned how to use Processing in depth and make a robot.

Game Review #3: Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked is a game where there is an elephant and you have to touch all the purple blocks to change them into light purple. You have to reach all destinations to complete the level. There are spikes to make the game harder and thermal winds to lift you up. This game is similar to There is Only One Level because they both use a blue elephant as their game figure and they have spikes to make it harder. However, there are more differences because each game’s objective is completely unrelated. There is Only One Level wants you to get the elephant to the other side while Achievement Unlocked wants you to have the elephant touch all the blocks.

Here is the link to play There is Only One Level:

Here is the link to play Achievement Unlocked:

There is Only One Level #2      Achievement Unlocked

Getting Started with Processing

At first, I didn’t understand anything about Processing. As I gradually practiced more and was taught by an amazing teacher, I understood most of the concepts. Processing is really fun and I love seeing all the different things I can make.

Here are all the shapes and creatures I created with Processing. The last photo is a picture of the book I used to learn all these techniques.

Set Transparency  3-17 Set Stroke Weight 3-12 Set Stroke Attributes  3-13 Rows and Columns 4-11 Reuse the Same Values 4-1 Proj4Robot3 Proj3BlinkingBox Proj2GrowingCircle Example 5-16 Proj1Paintbrush- Example 5-9 (2) Make Circles 2-2 Kinking the Lines  4-9 Flex Your for Loop's Muscles  4-7 Fanning Out the Lines  4-8 Draw Part of an Elipse 3-7 Draw Basic Shapes 3-4 Draw an Elipse 3-6 Draw a Rectangle 3-5 Draw a Line 3-3 Do the Same Thing Over and Over  4-5 Create Some Creatures  3-20 Control Fill and Stroke  3-15 Basic Arithmetic  4-4 Adjust the Size, See what Follows 4-3 Change Values 4-2.png 2 Draw with Color  3-16.png 2Change Values 4-2.png 2Put it in Reverse 3-10Programming Book

Colored Growing Circle Colored Robot 3