Java, Eclipse, and When Things Get Rough

What is one way to start a new programming project in Java?

You can open Eclipse or any high level language programming program by clicking File > New > Java Project.

What is an API?

An API is an application programming interface and it tells you how some software parts should connect with one another.

What is a getter and a setter (

A getter and setter is an accessor. An accessor is a type of method that allows you to read and write a value of a variable.

What are the different languages for the Mindstorm NXT (

The different languages for Mindstorm NXT is everything from Java to Lua, any C programs.

What language will you be using to program your robot?

We will be using Java to program our Mindstorm NXT.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a sample built to test a concept and see if it works.

Explain to someone how you swap 2 values in Java.

You swap two values in Java by making them equal to each other and another integer.

How does selection sort use 2 for-loops?

In selection sort, one loop is used to swap the values and another is used to search for the smallest value.

How do you print all the values from an array?

You print all values from an array by typing (of course plug in numbers for values): for(int i=0; i< iArray.length; i++){ System.out.println(iArray[i] +”, “); }

What is the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat?

A thermometer records the temperature of something. A thermostat is an object that shows the temperature.

Why is plagiarism bad?

Plagiarism is bad because you do not learn anything from copying somebody’s work. Also, you are taking somebody’s work without their permission. Finally, that information might not be correct.

How do you avoid looking like you are stealing someone’s code?

I avoid looking like I am stealing somebody’s code by citing, or giving them credit, to their work. I add a link to the website I got the information from.

What are a few things you can do if you get really confused, lost, or stuck when trying to program?

If I get very stuck, I will ask a teacher for help or I will look it up in my programing book. If I still do not find an answer, I will search up what I need to find online.



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